What to do on a Bluebird Day in Niseko

When the snow gods have turned off our famous JPOW for a few days, what do you do? Try one of many snow activities in and around Niseko of course.

There is everything from snow shoeing around a volcanic lake to doing 180s on a snowbike. Whatever you’re into Niseko can provide. Over the years Niseko has transformed not only its small rural village into an international must-see destination, but has also added a significant amount of fun-filled and exhilarating activities in the local area. These activities are great for when you want to rest your weary legs or just want a change of pace to experience something like never before. The list is endless as you can find many different types and styles of winter activities but for the purpose of this blog let’s just look at a few.

The first on the list is probably the closest thing you could come to mixing both summer and winter sports together.

Snowbiking: A mix of motocross and snowmobiling

With access to about 100km2 of Niseko’s finest countryside you can rip up the snow on what looks like a modified motorbike. According to Raising Sun’s website, the lighter and more maneuverable snowbike allows you to access tight forested terrain, climb hills and speed along the flats making for a great adrenaline-charged adventure.

Check out the video below from Niseko Snowbike Adventures showing just what you could experience.


If snowbiking seems a little too hardcore, a snowmobile experience could be what you are looking for. With a number of different companies providing different types of snowmobiling courses, including a kids version, it’s just a matter of selecting what suits. There are courses that cater for beginners and those wanting to have a relaxed ride all the way through to the more experienced and adventurous riders looking to put the petal to the metal and feel the thrill ripping through the snow. With the ability to access some of the most picturesque scenery that Niseko has to offer, snowmobiling is a great family activity.

Niseko Tourism has a list of snowmobiling companies that are a must.


If jumping on the back of a modified motorbike or snowmobile and ripping up Niseko’s countryside is not for you, then snowshoeing might be what you’re looking for. It’s a more relaxed way to experience the beauty of Niseko’s surroundings and be one-with nature, if you will. Whether it’s on your own or with a guide, snowshoeing allows you to go at your own pace and explore nature walking through stunning snow-capped trees.

Snowshoeing tours

Hire snowshoes and go at it on your own:

Fast Fun Japan / Rhythm Snow Sports / Explore Niseko

Cross-Country Skiing

Niseko Village provides the chance to trade in your big fat JPOW skis for a shorter and skinner version to try your hand at their cross country skiing course. Located at the base of the Niseko Gondola in Niseko Village, the 1km course will give you pristine views of Mt Yotei and you make your way around in the grooved trails. Included in the course price, you’ll also receive rentals and a full days access pass.

For more information check out Niseko Village Website

For a more comprehensive list of winter activities when you are wanting to rest your legs or have a different experience, check out Niseko Tourism’s page.