The Village

Hirafu Village is the main ski village in Niseko, located at the base of Mount Niseko Annupuri. A great combination of bars, restaurants, cafes mixed and accommodation with the culture and hospitality of locals, makes Hirafu Village a unique ski resort.

With over 50 bars and restaurants including traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi, Mexican, Italian and Australian cuisine and cosy cafés that you can chill out in, the choices are endless. One of the main highlights about skiing in Hirafu are the many onsens around the village that will relax and sooth your aching muscles. These natural hot springs provide both indoor and outdoor baths and differ from each other, so don’t just try one.


Hirafu Village has an extensive array of bars that will cater to any mood or taste bud. From western pool halls to vibrant bars and a quirky little Japanese whiskey bar that has a fridge door as its entrance, there is always somewhere to enjoy your night out. Travelling between various bars is no hassle as they are all within a few minutes of each other. Here are our top 5 bars:

Top 5 Bars & Clubs

Village Nightlife

Rank Club/Bar Name Map Reference
1 Big Foot D3
2 Tamashi C2
3 Barumba C3
4 Fridge Bar B3
5 Wild Bill’s D2

Restaurants & Cafes

Thanks to multiple international influences in Hirafu, there are many different types of cuisines available. From Mexican and Italian to traditional Japanese and fine dining, there is something to suit everybody. Below is a list of types of cuisines available and our top 5 with their map reference.

Types of cuisine

  • Sushi, Sashimi
  • Okonyamiyaki
  • Hotpots
  • Yakitori
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Seafood
  • Irish/British
  • Australian
  • Indian

Village Sushi

Top 5 Restaurants & Cafes

Rank Restaurant Map Reference
1 Fuji Zushi C2
2 Kabuki C2
3 Rin B3
4 Mozart F4
5 Ezo Seafood C3