The Annual CRUD Competition

As usual this season, our CRUD game was a favourite amongst the guests with much fun and laughter around the pool table.

It’s a chance where those with a competitive nature can show off their talents while enjoying a couple of beverages around the bar and meeting other JPOW lovers in the area.

This year, Snowlife were the champion CRUD team and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their win. We would also like to thank them for being part of the great atmosphere these Friday nights’ bring to the season.

We look forward to whopping you next season, bring it on.

Running Leader Board

Winner 2011-12 SLOWLIFE

Winner 2012-13 RAMAT NISEKO

Winner 2013-14 RAMAT NISEKO

Winner 2014-15 SLOWLIFE

Winner 2015-16 RAMAT NISEKO

Winner 2016-17 SLOWLIFE

Winner 2017-18 RAMAT NISEKO

Winner 2018-19 SLOWLIFE