Getting Around

Hirafu Village is the main ski village in Niseko which is located on the base of Mt Niseko-Annupuri with very steep main streets.

It is not your traditional ski-in ski-out resort town. However, with the local village shuttle services running throughout the village getting around is quick and easy. The village shuttles are complimented by the Ramat Niseko Private Shuttle service to ensure guests’ holiday needs are met.



See below maps of Hirafu Village where Ramat and Snowgum Lodge’s are located. The Local Map shows the direct area around the lodges. The Full Village Map shows the entire Hirafu Village and other areas situated around the base of the ski mountain Mt Niseko-Annupuri.



(Ramat and Snowgum Lodges are located on Page 2 in Square H4)


Ramat Niseko operates a limited shuttle service to help accommodate your needs.

  • FIRST TRACKS – Take advantage of the complimentary First Tracks Shuttle to be the first on the slopes every day. The bus leaves every morning at 8.00am packed full of keen guests that are eager for fresh tracks.
    • Guests are dropped to either the Hirafu Gondola or Hirafu Ace Quad Lift #2
  • NIGHTLY SHUTTLE – A complimentary nightly shuttle into town, and one returning bus, is available for guests to explore the array of restaurants or nightlife that Niseko has to offer.
    • Lawsons Run @ 6:30pm from Ramat Lodge to Hirafu Lawsons parking lot (Snowgum guests to walk to Ramat)
    • Late Night Pick-up @ 9:45pm from Hirafu Lawsons parking lot
  • ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE – Our friendly staff will assist with arrival or departure between the Hirafu Welcome Centre and the lodge. Please note:
    • You must book your bus through us or directly book a lodge transfer. Please view our Bus – How to Book page for more details.
    • Ramat Niseko does not offer lodge transfers from Kutchan Station. You will need to independently arrange transport, such as a taxi or bus to the lodge from the train station. To see more information, see our Train – How to Catch page.


Ramat and Snowgum Lodge are only 15-20 minutes walking distance from the centre of the village (Hirafu Seicomart).

On a nice day it is a pleasant journey to walk into the village passing little cottages and cafés you may have never noticed before. Why not take a stroll next time you’re heading into the village.


HOT TIP - Coming back from Hirafu? Leave via the Welcome Centre, you can catch the Hanazono or Hirafu Shuttles!

Busicon Hanazono



BEST FOR – Hanazono, Hirafu Village, Hirafu Lifts (Hirafu Welcome Centre)

The Hanazono Free Shuttle Bus service operates every 20 minutes between 8.00am – 7.25pm every day from 16 Dec to 20 Mar. The shuttle takes you between the lodge and the Hanazono Ski Area whilst also making stops throughout Hirafu Village and the Hirafu Welcome Centre.

Midtown Niseko is the closest bus stop to the lodges. You can see the Niseko United Shuttle Bus stops on the Village Maps with the blue bus icon shown above.


BEST FOR – Hirafu Lifts (Hirafu Gondola, Hirafu Welcome Centre)

The Hirafu Free Shuttle Bus service operates between 8.00am – 8.00pm every day.

The buses on the Orange Line (Hirafu East Line),  that service Ramat and Snowgum Lodges, run approximately every 30 mins (there are a couple of breaks in service – see timetable link below). The closest bus stop to the the lodges, Stop Number ORANGE 4, is an easy walking distance and less than 150m from the lodges.

The shuttle only takes a few minutes to get you between the lodge and the Grand Hirafu lifts; Hirafu Gondola and Ace Quad Lift #2 Center 4 (via the Hirafu Welcome Center).

Busicon Niseko United


BEST FOR – Hirafu Lifts, Hirafu Village, Other Ski Areas (Hanazono, Niseko Village, Annupuri)

A free bus service for all those who hold an All Mountain Lift Pass is available linking the main ski resorts of Annupuri, Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu and Hanazono. The bus also stops at the Hirafu Intersection, linking the centre of Hirafu Village with Ramat and Snowgum Lodge.

Midtown Niseko is the closest bus stop to the lodges. You can see the Niseko United Shuttle Bus stops on the Village Maps with the icon shown below.

The bus operates once an hour between 8.00am and 8.00pm during the main snow season. Without a Niseko United lift pass the cost is between 200-500yen, depending on the distance travelled.

Busicon Kutchan Night Go


BEST FOR – Kutchan

Operating between 6pm and 10pm during the ski season, this bus provides hourly buses between Hirafu Village and Kutchan town in a 10-15 minute trip.

Midtown Niseko is the closest bus stop to the lodges, only 350m and 5 minute walk away . You can see the Kutchan Night GO Bus stops on the Main Village Map with the icon shown below.


You can hail a taxi circulating the village or book a taxi via the numbers below:

  • Niseko International Taxi – 0136-22-1171
  • Hachiriki Taxi – 0136-44-2800


Below is an approximate cost to destinations:

  • Within the village: ¥1,000
  • Izumikyo area: ¥1,500
  • Hanazono: ¥3,200
  • Kutchan: ¥2,500
  • Niseko Village: ¥2,500
  • Annupuri: ¥3,800