Travel Information – Overview

Travelling through Japan is a truly unique experience. With a mix of modern and traditional architecture the sites of Japan are wide and varied.

A population of kind and disciplined people living in a culture of highly developed technology and precision makes Japan a breathtaking place to visit. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world you feel very safe travelling throughout their country.

General Information

Population Currency GDP Main Religions
126.8 million Japanese Yen ¥
(exchange rate)
$4.872 trillion (USD) Shinto and Buddhism
Japan - Flag

Climate & Health

Hokkaido experiences warm and pleasant summers with contrasting snowy winters.Health care provided in Japan is first class. However it can be very expensive for the international traveller.

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Communication & Electricty

Electricity in Japan is supplied at 100V AC 50Hz so remember to bring a converter to use your appliances. 3G Mobile phones are the only phones that will work with the Japanese system however pay phones and hire mobile phones are available throughout Hokkaido.

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The Japanese Government is very strict with customers so please double check all rules and regulations so you are not bringing any prohibited items into the country.

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Japanese Culture

Japanese and Western culture are very different and many tourists often offend locals because they don’t have a basic understanding of this unique culture. Click here to learn what is and what is not appropriate behaviour in Japan.Also learn some basic Japanese to help get around the village and communicate with the locals ……

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Money & ATM’s

Niseko is a predominantly cash based society and as such we would recommend bringing an appropriate amount of Japanese Yen with you to eliminate any hassles.

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What is the average snowfall in Niseko?
Niseko was named as the world’s second snowiest resort in December 2007 with an annual average snow fall of 15.11 meters.How many ski runs are there in Niseko?
There are 57 runs across the 4 resorts…………

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