Guides to Restaurants in Niseko

There are many great food options in Niseko. Below are two of the best guides:

Restaurant Bookings

Niseko restaurants get very busy over the winter season, so we recommend booking well in advance.

We don’t handle restaurant bookings directly, however a lot of the restaurants have Online Booking Systems which you can find via the above links.

Local Restaurants

Tsubara Tsubara (aka Soup Curry)

Soup Curry is a favourite with our guests serving curries on scale of 0-20. How adventurous are you?

How Far – 700m
Walk Time – 10 minutes

Soup Curry Meal

坦々麺かぢかぢ ひらふ (aka Dan Dan Noodle)

Dan Dan Noodles is a casual dining experience serving great Chinese cuisine.

How Far – 600m
Walk Time – 9 minutes

Dan Dan Noodles