The Latest Ski Tech

Innovation is the name of the game, and the ski industry has raised the bar again. We are seeing lots of fun new toys being released, in addition to state-of-the-art skis and snowboards.

Innovative Ski Fun

Customers are witnessing cutting edge technologies and designs in snowmobiles, snowbikes, tubing and sleds, which is an exciting move away from traditional skis and snowboards. This shift is allowing companies to push the boundaries and offer more flexibility on the slopes.

Snowfeet has released a new product of the same name, Snowfeet, as a fun alternative to skiing or boarding. Snowfeet is the company behind Skiskates, a binding with a flat base which attaches to either a normal winter shoe or your ski boots. Their new product, Snowfeet is an example of new tech we could be seeing on the slopes very soon. Austrian based startup company, Bobsla GmbH, have launched an alternative to the snowmobile. The vessel, which sits very low to the ground, was designed to be learnt on-the-fly with its easy controls and operation. The Bobsla doesn’t need a lot of snow or hills to be fun and could be a fantastic winter alternative to go-karting. Bobsla is currently only testing in Austria, but they ultimately hope to release the Bobsla internationally. In keeping with the theme of recreating the old, Onefoot has breathed life into our childhood memories with their Snowbob, Snowbum and Miniski. These new and improved versions of the toboggan and skateboard look amazing and could definitely become an enjoyable addition to the slopes.


RideOn, a company that has blended ski goggles and AR (augmented reality), are paving the way for users to not only socially interact with friends while skiing using chat/text or social media, but to also negotiate the slopes with an inbuilt navigation system. While this is very exciting tech, it’s the indispensable SOS feature that turns these goggles into a piece of essential safety equipment for all riders/skiers on the slopes. You can check out the video of how these goggles work here. With safety in mind, Small Foot, a company based in Bulgaria, have designed and created a compact light weight inflatable snow shoe. As we know, Niseko backcountry gets an abundance of waist deep JPOW. Getting yourself stuck and then having to walk out is exhausting and can lead to very dangerous situations. These inflatable snow shoes would allow you to ‘float’ above the snow by simply blowing them up and putting them on your boots – Brilliant concept. And lastly, bringing the next generation of clothing to the market is Clim8. With intelligent technologies to individually suit each user, Clim8 have reshaped winter clothing. No more body chills on the chair lift, no more cold hands in your gloves, these wearable products maintain an optimal thermal comfort level in any condition. Clim8 use an algorithm, based on human thermal needs, the profile of the user and the environment to optimise their item. The Clim8 app enables users to customise their needs and personal preferences resulting in personalised winter clothing. Clim8 tech is now available in Ixon, Odlo and K2 products.