Accommodation Tax 2019

Information regarding new “Accommodation Tax” in Kutchan Town

The Kutchan Town council is adding a mandatory 2% Accommodation Tax to all visitors staying in accommodation in the Kutchan Town area from the 1st November 2019. Whilst this type of tax is not new to many world famous tourist locations around the world and is a natural step forward for the area, we understand that it can be frustrating to pay more taxes. Please note that this new tax was passed by the town council into law recently and Ramat Niseko has no say in these matters.


The objective of this tax is to cover costs involved with improving Kutchan Township by solving issues associated with the ever increasing number of visiting tourists. Taxes will go towards improving the attractiveness of the township and to promote and develop the resort town. As the Mt Niseko-Annupuri ski areas have developed into world-renowned ski destinations, Kutchan Town feels changes to the infrastructure need to be made to improve the holiday experience of tourists visiting from all around the world.

Who pays the tax?

Visitors who stay overnight in lodging facilities in the Kutchan Town district. All accommodations in the Kutchan Town district are to charge this new tax. When viewing accommodation prices, check if it includes or excludes this new tax.

Who is excluded from paying the tax?

Students and teachers on school trips or traveling for business are exempt from this tax. You need to be pre-approved by an authorized Japanese school official as a study trip serving educational purposes.

Diplomats who present a tax exemption card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan are exempt from the tax also.

Tax rate 

The tax rate is 2% of your accommodation fee on stays from 1st November 2019. The Accommodation Tax is only applied to the accommodation component of your stay not including consumption tax. Meals and inclusions (e.g ski rental, lift passes, bus fares, etc) are not subject to the tax.


Accommodation Fee per room with tax = 10,000 yen
Accommodation Fee per room without tax = 9,091 yen
Accommodation Tax = 9,091 yen x 2% = 182 yen per room / per night

* Accommodation Tax is only applied on the accommodation fee without tax

How to pay the tax

Tax will be collected by your accommodation provider and passed onto the Kutchan Town council.

How has Ramat Niseko dealt with the tax?

Bookings made prior to 1st October 2019

Prior to 1st October 2019 the requirements of the new tax and how it affected our reservation system were being understood. Subsequently bookings made prior to this date did not include the 2% Kutchan Town Accommodation Tax.

Our system is now up to date and this tax has been added to all bookings staying after 1st November 2019 that were booked prior to 1st October 2019.

Bookings made after 1st October 2019

Our system has been updated and our:

– Online Booking System, Quote Email and Booking Confirmation Email prices will include all taxes (Consumption Tax + Kutchan Town Accommodation Tax)
– Website prices include Consumption Tax only

For More Information please see this Explanation PDF From Kutchan Town or contact the council directly via the details below.

Kutchan Town Office

Website:  Kutchan Town Office Website
General Info TEL: 0136-56-8001
Collection of Accommodation Tax Info TEL: 0136-56-8002