Ramat Niseko – Now Officially Bringing Together Ramat and Snowgum Lodges

Hey guys,

We are excited to announce that Ramat Lodge and Snowgum Lodge will be officially under the banner of RAMAT NISEKO. They have been sister lodges for many years and it seemed only logically that they join officially.

This will mean everything will come from Ramat Niseko in regards to both lodges. To reflect this new change you might notice a different header on newsletters from now on and a big difference on our newly updated website. The new combined website now gives an in-depth insight into our lodges, the Niseko area and gives you a better understanding of all that Niseko has to offer.

It’s still a work-in-progress, but I’m sure you will agree with us that it is an easy-to-navigate site with lots of valuable information located in the one spot. Feel free to shot us any feedback about the website, or any topic that you think we have missed and that are important to you.

Ramat + SG

That’s all for now,

Shaun and the Ramat Niseko Team