Room photo


There are 7 rooms in total, all of which can have queen beds on request.

These rooms are very spacious and have independently controlled heating as well as the ability for 2 rooms to accommodate 3 people (3rd person on futon). They are a great accommodation style for couples, family members or friends to share. Guests of these rooms use the shared bathroom facilities.

Snowgum Lodge has FREE Wi-fi throughout the lodge.

  • Bar size fridge
  • Adjustable heater
  • Shared bathroom


Relevant seasonal dates for the upcoming 2021-22 Niseko Ski Season are shown below. The Price Comparison Guide provides an indication of pricing schedules for each seasonal date range.

For up to date room pricing please visit our Online Booking System.

Season Name Start Date End Date Price Comparison
Winter Off-Peak 1-Dec-2022 9-Dec-2022 $
Winter Peak 9-Dec-2022 22-Dec-2022 $$
New Year 22-Dec-2022 3-Jan-2023 $$$$
Winter Peak 3-Jan-2023 9-Jan-2023 $$
Winter Prime 9-Jan-2023 20-Jan-2023 $$$
Chinese New Year 20-Jan-2023 30-Jan-2023 $$$$
Winter Peak 30-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023 $$
Winter Off-Peak 28-Feb-2023 5-Apr-2023 $