Communication & Electricity



Mobile Phone – 3G Mobile phones are the only phones that will work with the Japanese system however pay phones and hire mobile phones are available throughout Hokkaido. There are three major phone stores in Kutchan that can help you with mobile phone operation.

au +81 (0)136-21-5616
Soft Bank +81 (0)136-21-2588
NTT DoCoMo +81 (0)136-21-6868

Travel Sim – There are several options about sim cards in Japan. SoftBank gives the option of renting sim cards for as low as ¥105 a day but please note that the actual cost of the call/msg can get quite expensive. Sims cards are available from most major airports (NOT New Chitose Airport).
Sim cards from outside Japan:

From Australia
From the US
From the UK
World wide

Public Pay Phones – Public telephones using coins and prepaid cards are very common throughout Japan. Prepaid cards are readily available at convenience stores, kiosks and in some places vending machines. For domestic calls use the green and grey public phones. Directory Assistance can be contacted by dialing 104 (toll call) and ask for an English speaker.

Prepaid Cards – Two of the most popular cards are Brastel and Kazak. Both are available in many locations throughout Niseko and Hirafu.

Internet – Ramat Niseko and Snowgums have FREE wi-fi access. There are also many other HOT-SPOTS around the village including A-Bu-Cha, Grandpapa, Java Bar, Downtown Café and Curry Goya.

Walkie Talkies – Only Japanese 2-way radios are allowed on the slopes. Ski patrol are very strict on this so unless they comply with Japanese frequencies please don’t bring any from home.


In Japan the electricity is supplied at 100V AC 50Hz. The wall sockets are two pronged with vertical plugs. A converter is needed to operate international appliances. It is recommended to buy converters in your home country as there is normally a larger range and stock is more readily available.