The Japanese Government is very strict with customers so please double check all rules and regulations, so you are not bringing any prohibited items into the country.

The table below outlines the amount of items allowed into Japan by one Adult. For futher information about rules and regulations please got to the Japanese Customs website at

Alcoholic Beverages 3 bottles A bottle contains approximately 760cc
Tobacco Products
Cigars 100 cigars If a visitor brings in more than one kind of tobacco product, the total allowance is 500 grams.
Cigarettes 400 cigarettes
Other kinds of tobacco 500 grams
Perfume 2 ounces
Others 200,000yen The total overseas market value of all articles other than the above items must be under 200,000yen. Any item whose overseas market value is under 10,000yen is free of duty and/or tax and is not included in the calculation of the total over seas market value of all articles. There is no duty-free allowance for articles having a market value of more than 200,000yen each or each set.