Catching The Train to Niseko


Train is the second best method of getting to Niseko (Kutchan Station is actually the closest station to the lodge).


It is imperative you let us know how and what time you are arriving to Niseko. This is so we can schedule a pickup from Kutchan Station.

On your arrival to Kutchan Station please call Snowgum Lodge (+0136 212 555) or Ramat Lodge (+0136 215 088). No one will be waiting on your arrival so please call to arrange a pickup.

General Train Info

The downsides are that you usually have to change trains in Otaru which can have a waiting time anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes and storing ski gear on the train can be difficult. The standard train usually costs around ¥3,500 ($40 AUD) one way to Kutchan.

Train Journey Planner (New Chitose to Kutchan)
Train Route Map


How To Catch The Train

Catching the train to the lodge from New Chitose airport is not as simple as catching a bus, but if you follow the below guides you’ll have a trouble free run to the lodge.

Please remember Kutchan Station is the closest train station to the lodge.


Catching The Train at New Chitose Airport

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1 – Collect luggage and go to the JR Station

Please go to the New Chitose JR Station Map to see detailed information about the location of the JR Station.

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2 – Buy ticket to Kutchan Station

Tickets can be purchased at either the Automatic Vending Machines or via the Information Desk. Please be aware you usually have to swap trains at Otaru Station before continuing on to Kutchan Station.



How to use Japanese Ticket Vending Machines PDF


3 – Catch train to Kutchan Station

Arriving at Kutchan Station

1 – Arrive at Kutchan Station



2 – Call lodge via payphone outside Kutchan Station


Ramat Lodge- 215 088

Snowgum Lodge – 212 555

The payphone requires a ¥100 coin to make calls


Payphone at Kutchan Station


3 – Keep an eye out for the Ramat Niseko van and staff